What is Misterrecycling!?
Misterrecycling offers you the possibility of placing advertisements on the website Misterrecycling, in order to bring your used recycling equipment under the attention of thousands of visitors related to the recycling branche. The mission of Misterrecycling is to connect buyers and sellers of recycling equipment.

Who uses Misterrecycling!?
Misterrecycling is aiming at the recycling sector in Western-Europe and is daily visited by thousands of people involved in the recycling branch.

Which equipment can be placed on the website Misterrecycling!?
Misterrecycling is born to serve recyclers, therefore only recycling equipment can be placed on the website. Recycling equipment which is not mentioned in the main categories can be placed under the category “Other recycling equipment”. Advertisements with equipment not related to the recycling industry can be removed by Misterrecycling.

How does it work!?
Click on the “Place an ad” button and follow the steps. Everybody can easily place an advertisement on Misterrecycling.

How much!?
During the 6 months introduction period, advertisements can be placed for free. This means there are no costs at all, you do not have to provide any credit card details or what so ever.

Do I have to register before I can place an advertisement on Misterrecycling!?
No, when you place an advertisement an account is created automatically. Your e-mail address will be used as your username and you are free to choose a password. You will receive your username and password by e-mail.

How long will be advertisement be displayed on MisterRecycling!?
Advertisements which are placed on Misterrecycling, will be displayed for 18 weeks. After 18 weeks the advertisement can be extended or it will automatically be deleted.

Can I change my advertisement afterwards!?
Yes, your placed advertisements can be modified anytime during the advertisement period by logging in to your account.

How anonymous is Misterrecycling!?
Users of Misterrecycling are anonymous until they start to communicate with potential sellers and buyers. In the advertisement the e-mail address of the seller cannot be seen by buyers or visitors of Misterrecycling. There is an option to provide your (mobile) phone number, however this is not obligated or required. If you decide to fill in your (mobile) phone number, it will be displayed in the advertisement.

How do I search on Misterrecycling!?
Enter details (brand/type/etc) of the machine you are looking for in the “Quick search” field at the home page, or click on the “Search ads” button and fill in the relevant details. The search results can be restricted to the country of interest, or by the type of equipment of interest.

Do I have to register before searching!?

How do I contact the advertiser!?
The advertiser can be contacted by e-mail by using the “Contact advertiser” button shown in every advertisement. Or by the phone number in the advertisement, if applicable. When you send the advertiser an e-mail, the advertiser will see your e-mail address and reply directly to you.

How do I know if the seller or potential buyer is reliable!?
You don’t. Misterrecycling is a platform which brings buyers and sellers of recycling equipment in contact which each other. Misterrecycling cannot check any information given by the advertisers or potential buyers and cannot be liable for information given in the advertisements. For more information about the use of Misterrecycling, read the Term of use before you use Misterrecycling.

Can I delete my advertisement at any time!?
Yes, when the equipment is sold, or you simply want to remove the advertisement, the advertisements can be removed anytime by logging in. Removed advertisement are deleted permanently.

What to do if I see illegal or wrong placed advertisements on Misterrecycling!?
If you see any illegal or inappropriate advertisements on the website of Misterrecycling, please inform Misterrecycling: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .